New Family! / by Joshua P Jacks

This past weekend proved to be a very refreshing one!  We were blessed to have two of the families that live in Vientiane come the weekend in Luang Prabang.  They both are working in different provinces with the same company doing similar work that we are doing here in Luang Prabang.

We spent the weekend getting to know each other and just having fun.  It was like meeting extended family that we were just starting to connect with. I really enjoy having a family here.  I enjoy being a part of a team that desires to be a family and not just co workers. 

We spent a day at the waterfall and much time for the children to play and for the mom’s and dad’s to talk.  It was great for Noah, he had a few kids almost the same age as himself.  His smile was just priceless as they would walk into the room and Noah would run to them as they gibber gabbered in their own language back and forth to each other.

The weekend ended with a celebration! Our first official Lao party, complete with Lao attire and all our Lao friends to sit around and eat with.  We were celebrating our fellow teammate, Amber and Josh’s engagement.  I wore a sin (traditional lao skirt) for the first time.  All my lao girls were dressed so beautifully! 

Our week started off on both feet!  Noah had 5 different friends over tonight. We had a great time eating noodle soup and brownies.  They all were playing great together and I couldn’t stop Noah from smiling even if I wanted to!

We will be ending this week with a pizza party for Josh’s English class.  Josh promised them a pizza party for some homework achievements.  THEY DID IT!  So Friday, myself and 3 of my loyal lao girls will be turning my kitchen into a pizzeria as we prepare from scratch enough pizzas for close to thirty students! I will make sure lots of pictures are taken!

Have a great week! We love you all!