Balance / by Joshua P Jacks

How do you put on paper a work that is happening so deep in you that you don’t even have a clue as to how detailed it is or has become or going to be.  How do you put on paper something that you are so thankful for but is the most difficult you have ever experience.   How do you describe a relationship that is so supernatural, deep, and complex that any words of this world would not suffice? When I hear songs of His love of the privilege of having to walk with him, how very humbled, overwhelmed and vulnerable I become.  That for the first time at the mention of his name, I tremble, I smile, I cry. 

How thankful I am that he reveals the ugliness that is inside of me, the ugliness that I never thought I had, the ugliness that was so deeply hidden that I would not be able to fathom the ugliness unless I was aware of his holiness and ability to remove it all, only at the mere expense of me giving it all. 

Self evaluation comes in many ways and is shown in a deeper sense when all familiarity and comforts are beginning to be stripped from you.  Balance has become a silly word in my life.  What exactly is balance?  I know many people who live a balanced life and are miserable in it. 

No I desire to live imbalanced. Imbalanced in my passion, imbalanced in my compassion, imbalanced in my giving, imbalanced in my love, imbalanced in my life and imbalanced in my sacrifice for Him.

This is true joy, strength, peace, love, and life.