Pizza Pizza Pizza!!! / by Joshua P Jacks

Normally in the states, if you desire to have an easy party with very little effort or preparation of food, it becomes a Pizza Party! It is a great way to reward or celebrate different things and it just keeps minimal messes and everyone likes at least one of the pizza’s you set before them. With a few 2 liters and some throw away plates and cups, boom all is finished. 

If however you decided to have a pizza party in Laos, quite a bit more preparation and effort are put into it. Pizza is even a favorite among our Lao students.  My husband had the right idea when he offered a Pizza party as a reward for his students for homework participation.  But next time I think we might go with noodle soup! Haha.  You see if we were to “just order” pizza from one of the few restaurants here in LP, it would likely cost about $7 a person.  So that means making pizza is the way to go!

First we took a trip to the market. We purchased 2 kilos of onions, 2 kilos of tomatoes, ½ kilo of peppers, 1 kilo of mushrooms, 1 bag of shrimp,2 pineapples, 1 bag of imitation crab meat, 1 chicken, 1 lb of bacon, 4 bags of flour,  sugar, yeast, and a whole block of mozzarella cheese (which cost the most out of everything, cheese is a novelty here, it is very expensive.) and a little bit of Italian seasoning which I have from the states. Then combined that with 10 pans, 1 hour of shredding cheese, 2 rolling pins, 8 bowls (to hold all the toppings), and 4 very helpful Lao girls who gave up 6 hours of their Friday to help, and you got yourself the makings ofa pizza party!

In Lao you never waste food, so each pizza had PLENTY of toppings.  They didn’t seem to think I would be able to use leftover toppings for any other meals so all the toppings were piled high on each pizza.  I did manage to get one chicken bacon pizza and a bacon and pineapple pizza without mushrooms or onions.  Although the girls did seem to think I didn’t put enough cheese and corrected that first chance!

All in all we had 8 pizzas and 1 pizza just for the girls that helped.  We had 2 pizza’s with shrimp and crab meat on them.  I didn’t particularly care for that one, but the girls thought that was the best out of all them.


So now I know how to make a pizza from scratch start to finish!  I am very excited to make one for my neighborhood kids and my family first chance we get!  I was planning to make it tonight but running a gas oven for 8 hours proves for us to need a refill on our gas tank for the oven, so it will be a long weekend filled with noodle soup until our faithful may baan Duang comes to help us order our refill!

I put my feet up after spending the whole day in the kitchen, and as soon as I closed my eyes at 8 pm I was out for the night!