Last English Club of the Semester! / by Joshua P Jacks

English clubs have ended for this semester.  Wow, I cannot believe that we are almost to final exams at our first semester!  It seems just like yesterday we had 12 duffel bags and all of our worldy possessions scattered all over the Moore’s floor.  Now we are entering into our 4th month of living in Laos. 

It is funny because there are days when I feel I have lived here forever, I enjoy the people, food, culture, and sights of Laos.  Then there are days I look at Josh and say, “Do you realize we live in Laos?” 

The last English club was a BBQ.  We found a place down by the river and grilled shish-ka-bobs.  But the Lao people call it BBQ.  One of our friends, Peak, she is a master chef! Any time we have an event where we need someone to cook, she is the first person people ask.  It was great hanging out by the river and eating and talking. 

I have still noticed that I am prone to hide behind Noah to avoid uncomfortable silences or small conversations where one speaks in broken Lao and the other in broken English.  I noticed this because Josh and many of the girls had Noah most of English club.  I would realize that I was just standing there at times and would have to shake myself out of it and go and try and talk with someone.  I gravitate to the girls that speak better English, good thing is I realize that is my problem, bad thing is that is my problem.  So my goal is to just jump into awkward situations next semester and risk sounding silly when trying to speak Lao.  Josh always does a great job with the students. I enjoy watching him as he builds friendships.  I admire his courage to sit with someone and speak Lao with them until they understand what he is trying to say.

Other than the date, Laos has nothing in common with America when it comes to Thanksgiving day.  We did however receive a care package from Josh’s parents on Thanksgiving!  Other than that it was a very normal day in the city of Luang Prabang.  The Christmas season is approaching quickly and as we look ahead, our schedules are full up until the next semester starts!