First Post from Tonya / by Joshua P Jacks


Here it is our first official blog!  It will mainly be me (Tonya) updating this blog.  You will have to be patient with me it is my first!  We have been keeping very busy lately.  Josh has been trying to complete three courses and grammar school along with Ebay and Itinerating. He wants to be licensed before we leave for Laos.  I have been taking care of Noah and anything else there is to help Josh or the people we are staying with.  Our friends Jeremy and Amy have been so kind to let us stay with them since the fire.  As we prepare for our move overseas it is nice to have a steady place for Noah to recognize as home for the time being. 

Speaking of homes,  Josh and I were able to sell our house to some very close friends of ours.  As I look back to the time we have spent raising money to move to Laos, I have noticed that the Father  is making the transitions slow and little by little which I am very thankful for.  

Recently I was able to go back to our house and help with some remodeling the new owners are doing.  I didn’t realize how much attachment I still have for that place!  We haven’t lived in the home since October of last year, but I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with memories as I walked through the rooms.  I love what they are doing with the place, but instead of new paint and tile, I saw Vince (our dog) and Morgan (our cat) running through the rooms like they use to.  I saw the many different friends and family members that came and visited us for holidays.  I remembered the day we brought our first born, Noah, home from the hospital.  I am so thankful that I was able to slowly detach myself from the first home rather than jump from that home to the one in Laos.  The way things have played out I really feel it will help with transitions.  I am really looking forward to settling in as a family in our home in Laos!  I can tell that the Father knows best.  Instead of leaving straight from a house with many memories, I get to go from living with people to the excitement of having our own place!  We have a great Father!