Trip with Ben this Weekend! / by Joshua P Jacks

The time we have left here in the states seems to be getting filled up rather quickly!  We are staying with some good friends, the Seymore’s, this week in Pensacola.  We love coming here it makes us feel like we are visiting home!  Then shortly after the week stay here, we will be going to pick up Josh’s brother Ben from flight school.  There is an award ceremony on Saturday.  We are excited to be able to go to something of his.  He is such a great young man, who is involved in many different great activities and being able to be a part of his life is important to us! Then it will be off to Ohio! We will be spending the night with the Jim and Tommie Karl in Winchester TN on the trip up. Can't wait to see them again. Our last trip home before we jump the big pond for 2 years!!!!!  It will be a great time to spend with family and friends!

 Josh, Ben and Dad from our Memorial Day weekend trip!