Change / by Joshua P Jacks

I have noticed that change has been more frequent in my life since we decided to move to Laos.  I know when we get there we will experience change like never before.  I was always against change.  I wanted things to stay exactly the way they were.  I don’t like change.  It is uncomfortable, challenging, sometimes hurtful, but always inevitable.  I realized my opinion on change wouldn’t change unless I changed!  (I will pause while you read that sentence one more time to understand what I said ;0)).  Anyways, I took a moment out of our always busy schedule to just sit on Josh’s mom’s back porch last night.  I just needed to get somewhere quiet.  These next two weeks are preparing for all our change.  I could look at it two different ways.  I could sit and ponder the life I had here in Ohio 9 years ago and mope around and be miserable or I could celebrate change and all its new adventures it will bring me to! 

I realized that all things I remember and love about Ohio were seasons of change!  The great memories of High school and graduating.  Meeting Josh and becoming best friends with his sister.  When I gave my life to the Father and watched as he changed my family’s lives.  Even simple things like spring and fall.  My favorite seasons are seasons of changing.  Where would I be without change in my life?  Now I know there are changes that aren’t as fun.  For example, changing diapers, changing location, changing jobs, or losing a loved one build the person you are (not so much the changing diapers one, but you get the point). It is the way we react to change that will make our lives bitter or better.  I know this is something that has been told to every generation.  It is different though once you realize how much of a great impact change can have on ones live.  For all you that are going through changes and you are like me, uncomfortable and even at times discouraged just remember it is the journey not the destination that most of the times carry the best lessons and memories. 

It is like I told my friend Sam Briggs one time….. I am so glad I decided to jump off the cliff (of moving to Laos).  I don’t know what all lies ahead, but time is short.  It is just sometimes better to jump for the Father, and then stay where you are and always wonder what it would have felt like to jump!  So if your Father is laying something on your heart… my words of advice….. JUMP!!!!! And enjoy the way down!!!!!