Ohio and See You Later / by Joshua P Jacks

So our journey of “see you later” continues!  We had a very busy 2 weeks in Ohio.  It was filled with much needed quality time with friends and family that we hold so dear to our heart.  The trip included:

“Good Ole Shindig” that a few of our good friends put together.  There we were able to see many of our close friends that we hadn’t seen in awhile.  Including our fellow Lao English Teachers, “the Moebius Family”

Cool Christian Chicks day out.  Josh’s mom and I took the Miata out with the top down and went out to eat and some shopping!  We always make many memories on our days out.

Imagination Station- it is a cool place in Toledo Ohio that has a bunch of science and make believe things that the children can interact with. My good friend Sam surprised me and took Noah, my mom, me, her sister Kamie and her two nephews there.  It was so much fun!  I don’t know who enjoyed it more me or Noah.

Josh was able to ride with Zach to see the Gordon Family (the people we are working under) at a district family camp on Lake Michigan.  Zach has served 3 years in Laos and is back to raise more funds.  It was a great time for Josh to talk with Zach about Laos and to get focused on our very near future!

Purchased 3 one way tickets!  That is right folks, it is official.  August 15th, 2011 at 9:17 am we will be starting our two year adventure to the other side of the world!

Noah was able to have two One Year Birthday parties! SPOILED! It was so nice having so many friends and family in one place for the parties!

Many great talks and tears over coffee, meals, ice cream, or just sitting around in a living room.

It was really important for me this time to just make sure all the people I love and care for truly knew it.  So I did my best to put into words the deep love I have for so many in Ohio.  I didn’t get to meet with everyone I wanted.  But I tried my best to make the best of the time we had there. 

I also learned how to drive a manual!

After many tears and hugs and kisses yesterday we headed out to Tennessee, with a pit stop in Delphos to see Josh’s Grandma, Uncle Rick, Aunt Doris, Cousin Christy and a few (not all L) of the cousins.

We arrived in Tennessee around 11 pm.  Had to check into a hotel because Noah was running a fever and all the people we would stay with have infants.  We just didn’t want to risk it.  He still isn’t feeling very well.  But he is getting lots of sleep.  We are pretty sure it was just a heat rash, teething, and one wore out little man, that is causing his discomfort.  But I am hoping tomorrow he will be better so this momma can go and see a couple of the people I hold dear to my heart in good ole Tennessee!