Tennessee & Alabama Heading Back to Florida / by Joshua P Jacks

We had a great time in TN/AL.  We spent the first few days playing tag team with Noah.  He was still not feeling well.  So, the first day in TN all he did was sleep.  Even after sleeping all day he still said good night to the world at 6:30 pm.  We were able to spend time with our good friends, in order of appearance, The Valdes', The Sassers and the Bonees to say “see ya later”.  We then headed to Florence, AL to spend a couple nights with family (Scott, Megan, Malachi, and Mya).  It is hard to believe the next time we see these two little squirts they will be almost 5 and 4!

We arrived back in Pensacola, FL around 5:30 on Friday night.  I really wasn’t feeling well.  I think the combination of Noah sharing, the long nights of him sleeping on me, and just being so busy caught up with me.  Super Josh saved the day though!  He let me go to sleep at 7 pm and took care of Noah until his bedtime!  I am feeling better but still not a 100%.  We drove to Marianna, FL on Saturday and we are settling in for the night. We will be sharing at Grace in Chipley tomorrow morning.   We will also get to spend some time with our newly found amazing friends the Knights!  This couple are a very hard working couple and have great hearts!