Pensacola to Ohio / July 4th / by Joshua P Jacks

Our last trip home has  started off great!  We went and picked up Ben (Josh’s Brother) from Whiting Field.  He had just graduated from POLA (Petty Officer Leadership Academy).  We were able to attend his graduation!  I was a proud sister (in-law), this young man has a bright future!  Then we were off.  We stopped at Moe’s Southwest grill for lunch (had to it is Ben’s favorite and they don’t have them in Ohio). 

Then were able to spend some time with the Karl’s in TN.  It was great spending time with them.  It was short but so sweet.  I treasure the little heartfelt moments we always share when we are with them.  Tommie is like a sister and Jim like a grandpa! (Just kidding, We always pick on him.  He is in all reality like a spiritual father to us though.)  Josh and I really appreciate their love and support. Not to mention their handsome son Levi!

Then we made our way to Ohio.  We arrived around 8:30 pm on Sunday!  With only 3 hours of Noah crying/screaming (poor guy, he is such a trooper).  We had about 2 hours of us trying to be really creative in entertaining him on our 11 hour drive.

Ohio has been great so far!  Josh has gotten to see his lifelong best friend and we have been able to spend good time with my mom and Josh’s parents (always accompanied by good laughs).  We also  had a great 4th of July dinner together! We are excited to spend some quality time with all our loved ones here in Ohio! We are so blessed!