2 Week Countdown!!! / by Joshua P Jacks

Wow, time sure is flying by!  The Jack’s family has never had to schedule a “see you later” tour for Pensacola! Boy, does it feel weird!  It is just kind of surreal right now.  We know what we are doing and that the chapter in our story of Pensacola being our home is coming to a close.  It still hasn’t fully sunk in yet.  Josh and I believe we will realize the big move about a month after we are in Laos.  We will be sitting in our home and look at each other and be amazed as to how much has changed!  We have been so blessed this past few weeks.  Our conversations with people have just been so enjoyable.   Whether it just be talking about video games (Josh of course) or feelings (Tonya of course) or things about the Father, we have loved our time with loved ones!  Yesterday we celebrated Noah’s first birthday here in Pensacola!  I know you are probably thinking how spoiled this little guy is to have 3 birthday parties!  Believe me this will not become a tradition! Haha!  Although I really did enjoy his face when we all sang happy birthday to him and how he demolished the cupcake! 

We have begun to pack.  The count down is 2 weeks from today!  How do you pack for two years might you ask?  I will tell you once we figure it out!  We will be doing some minor things like….

Filling out our will

Selling our car

Stuffing as much as we can into 10-12 duffel bags

Spending time with loved ones

Enjoying good ole American food

Shopping trips to pick up things that aren’t available in Laos

Reading books on overseas living and Laos

Grammar school (just Josh)

Finishing up Licensing with the AG (Just Josh)

Fun times to come!  Love you guys!  And pretty soon we will be posting blogs from Laos!