Greetings from Thailand! / by Joshua P Jacks

Greetings from Thailand!

Wow, I cannot believe that I just said those words!  As we were raising funds, I never thought we would get to that point!  It is funny how when you are working towards a goal for so long when you actually reach it, it feels surreal! 

We are here in Bangkok; I am typing this up at 3:52 pm Wednesday afternoon.  Right now while most  you are sleeping, our bodies are telling us that is what we should be doing but we are attempting to get through jet lag before getting to Laos. 

Noah was a trooper on our 22 hours of flying!  The longest flight was 13 ½ hours and he slept most of it!  He also slept a good part of the 6 hour flight we had from Tokyo to Bangkok.  We had very short lay overs and since they were international flights and we had a baby, we had to board 1 hr before the plane took off.  Mostly that was a great blessing.  But we did find ourselves running to our gate in Tokyo after there was a slight delay in landing and through TSA,  since we have baby food and our computers. 

We arrived in Bangkok at 10:30 pm their time and 10:30 am USA time.  After customs we met Joe, Laurie, Josiah, Philip, and Caleb at the baggage gate.  All our bags made it, except Noah’s car seat and pack and play.  We were settled and in our hotel room around 1 am.  At that point I was curious if Noah would lay down at all!  It took him till about 4 am to fall asleep, he was having fun being in the same bed as mommy and daddy and thought it was play time!  He did however sleep till 11 am! We were able to get a few hours of sleep under our belt since Josh and I didn’t sleep but maybe 2 hours on the flights.

Today we ate and registered at the hospital and now Joe, Josh, and Josiah are picking up a few things while I let Noah lay down for a little bit.  I would love to join him, but Laurie said that the best way to get over jet lag is to stay awake during the day and that way you are good and tired to sleep at night. So we shall see how little man sleeps tonight!

We fly into Lao on the 20th.  We might even get to go to the Thai zoo while we are here!  So a few days to adjust and rest and get some business out of the way and I will be posting from Lao!

I appreciate your patience with us. I know this is the first post in a while.  I planned on posting when we were packing and tell of the mixed emotions and crazy thought we were having while trying to pack for 2  years, but time got away from us!  So far, we don’t think we forgot to bring anything haha.  I will put a few pictures of what the Moore’s house looked like as we did pack.  They so graciously let us overtake their house while we packed! 

I guess I will close this post with a good morning to  you all!  And a good evening to me!  Love you all and look forward to seeing what sort of things I will get to share as we do our reasonable service!