First Few Days in LP / by Joshua P Jacks

We arrived in Luang Prabang a few days ago. I figured it was definitely time for a blog! We have been able to skype with Josh’s parents and my mom.  It was great seeing them on video!  We spent a few days in Bangkok, Thailand.  While we were there we went to the Thai zoo.  It is very different from the states.  How may you ask?  Well, let’s just say I was able to pet monkeys and baby tigers.  They were all caged, just not behind 10 feet of glass like the zoo’s I have been to in the states. 

Noah is almost over jet lag.  He did have a low grade fever our first night in LP.  He has been fever free for 24 hours and his appetite is coming back. He is getting use to things here and having a great time meeting all his new friends!

We arrived in LP around lunch time on Saturday.  The whole team was there to pick us up!  It was exciting seeing faces that we met 2 years ago and meeting new.  It felt like family right away!  We are staying in Rama Hotel.   A friend of ours, Danny, runs it and it is a beautiful hotel.  Plus a lot of our Lao friends from the first trip work here so there are many familiar faces!

Our friend, Noi, took us out to look for houses that same day.  We looked at 4 and then Sunday morning we looked at one other.  We will be signing the lease on Tuesday. We are just waiting for our visa’s and then we will be able to move in.  I am so excited to have our own house.  Noah will be able to have his own room (although we have discussed it and he will be sleeping in mom and dad’s room for a little bit longer while we are getting adjusted).  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!  The landlord will be putting in a washer and a refrigerator.  Also, Zach and Danika left us an oven and some mattresses.  So it sounds like we have a really good start! 

Sunday I stayed behind while Josh went and spent some time with the foreigners here in town, Noah needed some time just to relax and sleep.  Then we went to lunch and spent the rest of the night in the hotel.

Today, has been eventful!  Josh is at the school getting ready for school to start next Monday.   Noah and I ventured out to find the western market.  I got lost the first time, but after some guidance from our friend Amber, I braved up and went out again.  I carried Noah, thinking it would be easier.  Boy am I silly!  I am also wearing pants, since it is the cooler season, I thought I should try and handle wearing them.  So after about a ten minute walk we arrived to the western market.  I picked up peanut butter, yogurt, diapers (like a 10 pack), wipes, and apple juice.   It was 150,000 kip.  So about 20 dollars.  I figured it out and the baby wipes alone almost cost me 5 dollars!  Potty training is coming early if I can help it!  Noah got a lot of attention to and from the western market, it was fun!  Then when I came back some of the girls that work here came to clean our room after some small but confusing conversation and some oohh’s and ahhh’s to Noah, my first initiation to connect with the girls went ok.  After all I did give them cookies when they left.  I hope that in the next blog or so I will be able to share with you from our new home!  Hope all is well with everyone.  We miss you and love you all dearly.  Your thoughts have lifted my emotions every time I get a little overwhelmed with all the adjusting. I am so thankful I get to do this and so happy you get to be a part of it!