Chiang Mai, Thailand! / by Joshua P Jacks

We had to do a visa run this past weekend.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, we had to leave the country and then come back into the country in order to switch from a tourist visa to a business visa. Since we have to leave the country we took advantage of it and spent a few nights in Chaing Mai. It was a very busy weekend! 

We had a flight on Saturday but it got cancelled.  So, we were able to go to the first English club.  It was a lot of fun and Noah started a fan club!  Each time I looked for him, he was in different girls arms and had a different kind of snack in his hands.  One of the snacks was milk flavored chips! Yep, Josh said they tasted about as good as it sounds.

Then, on Sunday we left for Chaing Mai.  Not without first locking house keys INSIDE the house! We arrived in Chaing Mai and Delana (one of our teammates) was waiting for us at the airport.  Our first stop was the hotel, followed by a quick snack at Burger King!  Then we went and registered at the hospital and Noah got his Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.  Then we went to Big C. It is a big store they have in Chaing Mai.  We bought many different things there.  Everything from pillows to fudge brownie mix. 

The team always stocks up when they go to Chaing Mai with things that are not available here in Luang Prabang.  We found ourselves a little overwhelmed and not sure exactly what to buy.  A lot of the stuff we came across we could off and on get in LP but it is never a guarantee and it is normally very expensive. For example, 80 baby wipes in LP cost me $5.00, in Chaing Mai it cost me $3.00 for 80 wipes and in the states 100 wipes cost about $2.00 if you go with the parents choice (walmart generic).

Regardless of our shopping woes, if you can call them that, we had a great time with Delana.  We went to a few different grocery stores , a mall, got our teeth cleaned at the dentist ($70 for the both of us to get them cleaned! Not only amazing price, neither of us had been to the dentist in over 10 years), computer store, Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, and Dukes. Both nights we were pretty tired by the end of the day.  We had Noah sleeping with us, who by the way, is a bed hog!

So, mom and dad had pretty bad back aches after sleeping with the little guy, but no worries!  1 hr foot/shoulder/back massage is 150 baht!  Which in dollars rounds out to about $5.00 :)

We came back to LP yesterday and as soon as we got back Josh headed up to ARDA to teach a 7 PM class.  It was a great time hanging out with Delana and learning our way around one of our "go to" cities, Chaing Mai.  We all look forward to visiting that city again!

Below are a few more pics from our visit to Chiang Mai!

Noah saying "wasat!?" (what's that) to the planes.

View down our hotel's road.

American food from Dukes!

Night View from Hotel

Wat (Temple)

Much older wat (temple).

Picture below needs no explanation. (I guess I gave one anyway.)