Villages, Sticky Rice, and Friends / by Joshua P Jacks

You will have to forgive me, I have an overwhelming desire to name all my blogs with three things.  I’m not too sure why, fun I guess. 

We took a couple days to recoup from our trip and then received a call from our close friend and Lao teacher asking us to come visit her village.  It is just a ride across the Mekong and about a 15 minute drive in the truck.  What was great about this village is we could go visit it and come back all in the same day.  So it was set, January 2nd we decided that we would go visit her village.  It was Noah’s and I’s first visit to a village.  I am so happy it was Keo’s village, she is dear to my heart and just a sweet girl! 

We arrived at her house and sat and talked for a while.  We then walked around her village. In their village they make clay bricks and pottery.  So we got to see each step how they do it.  We got to see the pit where they fire the finished pots and met a lot of sweet people along the way. 

They were having a Basi for a mother and her child so the whole village was preparing and participating in that celebration.  We sat in on a little bit of the ceremony, long enough to give congratulations and best wishes to the family.  We than returned to Keo’s house where we had a feast! Her mother cooked a great meal.  I had forgotten how much I like Lao food until I sat down and ate a meal with many dear friends.  It reminded me of the reason I enjoy being in LP.  The simplicity, beauty, laughter, fellowship, and love are way better than any Big Mac! 

We were able to meet her brother, who had been in a motorbike accident a while back. He has a hard time walking and isn’t able to speak well.  He is only able to say a few words.  He doesn’t believe, so I sure do think about him a lot.  It was great to finally meet him.  Especially since we have talked on several occasions with Keo about the problems he is having.

All the kids in the village loved playing with Noah.  There were two boys in particular that would come up to Noah every time they would see him and stick out their tongue, Noah would copy and they would just laugh and laugh!  As we were getting ready to head back to LP, a few of our friends wanted us to come and visit with them.  In Lao, what normally happens is you go and visit, drink water, and eat at every house that wants you to visit.  It was great just meeting new people and seeing how different people from different cultures live.  Noah was having a great time playing with some baby chickens outside of one of our friends’ houses, he was trying to feed them rocks and grass. He loves animals!

It was a great trip. I look forward to visiting many more of our friend’s villages!  The people here are so beautiful!