Christmas Holiday to Thailand (Part Two) / by Joshua P Jacks

Above is a picture from our last night in Vientiane. Cool place and forgot to add to last blog lol.

While looking at a map from Vientiane to Chiang Mai, we realized that the way all of our team goes is to drive to Udon Thani first and then to Chiang Mai.  So they basically go South to go North.  We google mapped our trip and they took us a different way.  We thought we would try it.  Hoping it would cut some time off of our trip and also find a great alternative to driving to Chiang Mai.  Sure there was a little bit of pride in there thinking we would go on uncharted territory and find a great little drive that would get us to our destination in a faster time!

Don’t trust google maps in Laos! Haha! First, we lost an hour while trying to find a bridge that didnt exist lol. Then, we ended up taking… well lets say the scenic route to Chiang Mai.  By scenic I mean, usually we would just hit two of the main highways and get to our destination.  This way though will take you through the mountains of Thailand… which means… you got it, more hair pin turns… more chances to practice my catching skills.. and I don’t mean baseball. Noah doesn’t like the scenic view trip!  Although let me brag on my little boy. He didn’t cry much at all.  He didn’t sleep much either. He mainly just looked out the window and took out his pacy when he was.. ok no more detail needed.  He was so good for having nausea, teeth coming in, ears popping and being trapped in a car trip. I don’t know of many 17 month olds that would take that trip and not drive everyone in the car crazy.

We did get the hang of learning when he needed fresh air and would pull of to the side of the road and let him get some fresh air, which also gave Josh an opportunity to take pictures. We were getting a little nervous at times wondering if we would ever reach our desitnation.  But after 12 hours and a couple wrong turns, we accomplished the drive. We also are able to tell our other teammates that is not the way you want to go when driving to Chiang Mai.

I fell in love with 711’s while in Chiang Mai this time around.  They are more like convient stores in Thailand.  They don’t sell gas.  But they do sell Hershey bars with Almonds and little steamed buns with bbq pork goodness on the inside.  I craved those things everyday.  Any time we stopped at a 711 I bought at least 2 to eat, even when I wasn’t hungry.  I don’t understand my love affair with them but they were just very delicious to me during this trip!

This concludes part 2.  There is just too much to say about the first place we stayed in Chiang Mai, I don’t want to leave out details just to keep this a 3 part blog, so I am opting to add another part.  That is right folks you are now getting 4 parts for the price of 3!  Cheesy I know, you can tell this vacation has brought refreshment and goofiness back in my life.