Holiday to Thailand (Part Three) / by Joshua P Jacks

When thinking of the word Horizon, what comes to mind?  Beautiful, peaceful, relaxing.. just a few words that come to my mind.  That was the name of our first hotel in Chiang Mai.  The words described above were exactly what it was!  Nice hotels are very cheap in Thailand.  Another reason why I am very happy to be neighbors to this country!  It was a little mini resort.  It had many beautiful gardens, a pool, a playground, petting zoo, and free breakfast, complete with your choice of an omelet, bacon, bread, chicken fried rice, and salad!  We stayed in this hotel for 2 nights.  We wanted to be a little closer to the city for most of our stay.  But it was definitely worth the 2 nights we stayed there.  In walking distance we could visit any of the things listed above.  The whole grounds were kept very nice and Noah had a blast running around in the real grass and playing on the playground. 

We stayed in a room that had two of the walls just from ceiling to floor of window.  We attempted to go swimming.   The temperature of the water was a little chilly.  Josh got in but Noah and I were very content with just splashing our feet in the pool while sitting on the side of it. 

We took one whole morning just to walk around a few of the gardens.  It was so relaxing and the art work was just great.  You can tell a lot of people take a lot of time to keep up the grounds.  There were some funny signs all around the park, I will make sure Josh adds some of those pictures into this blog.  Part three was short and sweet! We'll finish up with the rest of our stay in Chiang Mai in part four!