Thank You For Your Concern! / by Joshua P Jacks

Paul wrote “I am happy to hear you have revived your concern for me” and then followed that with talking about how he is content in all situations.

If you look into that passage deeper you would see that the reason why he could be content in all situations was because people were concerned about him.  If we are concerned about others we lift them up.

I know many have genuinely lifted us up and continue to lift us up.  I cannot tell you how amazing it has been to know that and feel it.  I have been able to become content in situations that I never thought I could.

So this is just a Thank You for always believing in and lifting up our family and our Lao family!  As we enter into our last months here for our first term, I look back and see the many times I was carried by the concern of other people! It is a great thing to be a part of His family!