October Already! / by Joshua P Jacks

It’s the beginning of October already! Plans are well underway for our return to the states.  Late nights have become the normal, since we sleep when America is awake!  Coffee has become my best friend in the mornings.  We are excited as we look ahead with the many great people we will be spending time with while in the states.

I have wondered how living here has changed me and my relationships back home.  As we connect with people, I run through memories I have with each loved one and realize just how different our lives have become.  I believe it will add value and richness to some relationships, and other’s I am not too sure what will happen. It is just like any other move we do in our lives, transitions out of high school or moving away from home.  I also think of all the new relationships that have just begun since we have started this adventure and I am in awe of all the people that have believed in us and made it possible for us to be here and do this work. I can’t say it enough, Thank you for your support, love, and thoughts.

We have had a couple busy weeks; we welcomed back a dearly loved family, who returned from the states.  We had a couple of great English clubs which included a volleyball tournament at a local restaurant and relay games at our friend’s house. We closed this week out with a pizza party at our house.  The BBQ chicken bacon pizza won out again as being their favorite with the always close second of seafood pizza. Josh has started a tradition of showing a video that has a surprise ending.  It always catches the students off guard and scares them. We pile them all into our room and play the video and watch them as they try to figure out what is so cool about the video and then “boo” a person jumps out to scare them.  It always brings a good laugh.

We are looking forward to the last few months here and holidays that are fast approaching!  Until next time friends, we love you all!