Daily Life Differences! / by Joshua P Jacks

As we start our mental transition into coming back to the states, I try to remember daily life there and what changes there will be for Noah’s daily life.  I then started thinking of all the differences in my daily life where there might be some fun to be found. Daily life here is different.  Not worse or better just different! Here are some examples…

We never have to pump our own gas.

I always check my bathroom towel before using it for any cockroaches, spiders, or lizards.

After any one takes a shower the whole bathroom floor is wet because it is just a shower head sticking out of the wall.

No central air.

No heating. Not that we need it! 

Noah’s playground is the local temple grassy yard.

We get to wear sandals everyday!

Our “local gym” is friends getting together and working out on the roof of a hotel.

Before doing laundry I always look outside to see if the weather will be favorable to dry clothes.

No kitchen cabinets!

Daily snacks consist of unripe mangos, dry ramen noodles, and fresh seasonal fruit.

I still watch out for sales but now it is for an expired box of fruity pebbles that goes on sale from $7 to $5.

I can walk anywhere I need to go!

When in our truck, if we are driving above 30 mph, its considered REALLY FAST!

Structured play with Noah consists of teaching 2 ways to say 1 thing.

So there you go. Just a few daily life differences!  Hope you are having a great week!