Something to Think About / by Joshua P Jacks


We all deal with it in different capacities. It seems to never go away.  It can be deeply rooted and cause all sorts of things, problems or motivation for becoming better.  It can also make you become vulnerable in ways you would rather not be. I am happy to say I haven’t experienced much regret in my life.  My biggest regret would probably be the time and memories made with my dad.  More specifically, it had been a month since I had talked to my daddy when he passed away.  I was planning on calling him the next morning before that phone call came to break the news.

I recently watched the movie “October Baby”. It is from the perspective of a child that was part of a failed abortion and shows her finding out the truth and her quest to figure out who and why it happened. Regret was shown in the face of the birth mother and other people in this movie. Regret comes in all different shapes and sizes. I can’t imagine what some peoples regrets are that they live with. I do know that when the birth mother was able to let go of the regret it was a beautiful thing.  It came through forgiveness and unselfishness on other people’s part.

I don’t even pretend at all that I in any way shape or form know all things about this subject.  But it does bring to my attention that there are so many reasons for a person to act the way they do.  It has taught me that I need to have more grace with all people.  I most definitely desire to understand the effects it has on people and the most compassionate and effective way to minister to those to help them get through the regret. 

Every time I think of my daddy, I just think if I only had one more phone call.  That is the hardest part.  I can only wonder what are some other people’s thoughts and struggles they have.  The search they are in to find freedom from it and what my part is in it all. I plan on working on this thing.  I hope that the Father gives me more understanding as I faithfully following Him.  I do know this, regret isn’t fun to live with and I do believe the only thing that can take it away is the hand of the Father.  He has many different ways of doing it.  It could be action on someone else’s half, action on my own behalf, or even action out of His miraculous unexplainable way.

I know this is a very heavy subject. I think it is a well hidden condition of the heart, but if worked through and conquered could bring a lot of good from it. So as I do what I am about to say, go ahead, take a moment and just meditate as to whether you have regret or a loved one is carrying regret that you can play a part in giving freedom from it.