Busy, Busy, Busy! / by Joshua P Jacks

We have had a busy couple of weeks and it will continue that way until we board the plane to head stateside! We have already had one Thanksgiving and about 3 Christmas parties. We still have a few more Christmas parties to go. Many times have been set up to spend time with our friends before we leave. Josh also has two trips planned to go visit our friend’s villages to meet their families.


We have also had the privilege of being here for two of our close friends weddings!

Next week we will start our annual week of baking. This is when we bake all week and prepare enough baked goods for almost all of Luang Prabang to become diabetic haha! We use this opportunity to share some treats and get them to start asking questions about exactly what it is we celebrate this time of year.

There are great things happening in our local fellowships here. All our friends get a chance to have a great Christmas program to explain the Christmas story! It is the biggest time of year for the truth to be told.

Things are slowly disappearing from our house as we find good homes for them to go to. For example we have sent BAGS of clothes to at least 3 different villages and this is all thanks to the donations every one made to us after our apartment caught on fire. You were giving so we could have, and that we did. We had so much we brought it all just so we could keep your giving spirit going and well I am happy to say there are many little kids and adults who will not be cold this cold season because of your generosity!

I sure do love this time of year! Wishing the best to you and yours!