Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice / by Joshua P Jacks

Obedience is better than Sacrifice

A dear friend wrote that to me in a Facebook message the other day.  When she wrote it, it made me think of that in a different way. I know the normal context of it is to help you to understand it is better to just do what the Father says to do rather than bringing what you see fit as a sacrifice in order to please him.

I had a little bit of a different understanding after reading my friends message. Maybe it could mean this…

I believe there are all different types of people in the world. I believe that there are some people that are being completely obedient to what the Father has told them. There are those that want to love the Father with their whole heart, but for some reason, what they feel the Father asking them to do just seems like an impossibility. For this reason they aren’t doing what He is asking them to do so they they try to serve and do many things to “offer up sacrifices” doing what they want to do. You understand if you have ever done it.  I have certainly done it in my life and even recently.

Here’s my point. I would love to live near family. I would love to just get a house next to my mom, and get involved in a local fellowship and just do that. (I am not saying this is bad in any way. Just keep reading). Although, my life would be full of doing good things for people and we would be surrounded by people we love and care for, I still think for me that sacrifice would not feel as fulfilling as I feel when I am here in Laos. What I am trying to say is I am being obedient by living here. So I feel the most fulfilled and happy while I am here. It is a difficult thing I am trying to explain.

Maybe our sense of fulfillment, our success, our love, our accomplishments, and our serving is better when we are being obedient rather than just trying to sacrifice because we feel guilty about not being completely obedient. I know Josh and I aren’t there yet. However, we are going that way and want our loved ones to keep on the fulfilling journey of obedience with us!