Holiday Blitz! / by Joshua P Jacks

Christmas time this year has many meanings for the Jacks family. It is the last time we will see a lot of our friends until probably 2014. Josh went to two different friends villages during this season to meet their families. It was my first Christmas without my daddy. This was our second Christmas in Laos, but let’s be honest, it feels like our first since we were in such transition our first Christmas here.

We had many Christmas parties and times to share the story and meaning behind it all. We’ve also started to pack the things we will take back to the states and give away the rest! I love giving stuff away. It gives me energy and refreshes me! So here are a bunch of pictures of our parties and even a couple of some of our last get together’s with friends. 

We will have a couple more post of our last times here in Laos and then I will be sharing our experiences of itinerating to return to this beautiful country! Merry Christmas everyone! Have a save and Happy New Year!