A Letter from the Father / by Joshua P Jacks

A letter from my Father.

Daughter I never promised it would be easy road.  I never said that there wouldn’t be bumps along the way.  If it were easy, if it were all full of happy moments, you would take those happy moments for granted.  It is during the sad moments, the difficult moments that gratitude is birthed. 

How can you know what true joy is if your heart never feels sorrow.  How can you have compassion if you never suffer?  Heart ache will be a part.  Not just for you but for those that love you, my daughter. 

I have thought about His words and wonder what it will look like many years from now. Will I regret the things I have risked and the places I have gone, the people I have helped and love I have shared.  No it is only things that I don’t do that I will regret. The words left unsaid, the helping hand never stretched out.  The tear never cried, alongside the suffering. I see now the cracks, the falls, the mess ups, and the mistakes were all part of the greater picture. Those very things have shaped me and drawn me closer to the Father and to those that are close to his heart. The difficult road is the right road, the narrow way is the best way. 

In the end I will look to see and hopefully be able to tell my parents that their sacrifice was worth it. That the man that is worthy to receive a perfect gift out of my life, was able to spend it until there was nothing left.  That He was able to get all that he could out of this life. No matter how long or short it may be, may I always work with my whole heart to give my Father what he deserves.