Birthday Weekend! / by Joshua P Jacks

We have decided that if we were to  write down all the birthdays in March, we would know someone for everyday of the month!  March apparently is the birthday month!This helps me not to feel as bad since I get to share my month with the most important birthday of all!  (Hint my birthday is in December). Enough about that and on to more important things…. Josh celebrated his birthday for the first time here in Laos!  It was a great success! 

It seemed to me, it was more like a 4 day celebration.  It started on Thursday. We were able to sneak away and get an hour long foot massage, for only $4 each and then went and ate at one of our favorite restaurants. 

Friday Josh was pleasantly surprised by his students.  He was smiling ear to ear when he came home from teaching.  He also had some icing on his face!  His students got him a cake and sang Happy Birthday to him! 

Saturday, was his real birthday!  Haha.  We spent it with two of our favorite people here!  It started out with a flat tire!  So, the five of us loaded up into the truck and we drove to get it patched up.  It was pretty busy so it took about an hour.  It was off the side of a pretty busy road, so I had to find some grass on the side of the road and alley to keep Noah occupied.  We grabbed some lunch, then the guys dropped Noah and I off at the house (that little man was tired) and they went off to the museum.  I will have Josh insert some fun highlights from there here:

The Celebration didn’t end there!  On Sunday we were able to take one of our favorite Lao couples to a restaurant that Josh’s student works at.  It is a Japanese restaurant that serves  American, Lao, and Japanese food. Boy did he hook us up!  He had us sit upstairs where normally it is an extra 25,000 kip per person. Why, you ask?  During the meal they have tradition Lao, Hmong, and Khmu dancing!  It was great fun!  Josh and I really get along with this couple and we love them dearly.  The night passed by with many laughs and smiles! It seemed like it was my birthday too, being able to share in such great company!  It was actually Keo’s birthday the next day!  It worked out perfectly we ate on the day between Josh and Keo’s birthday. 

I can see us changing in many different ways.  Normally, to celebrate our birthdays in the states, it is normally just Josh and I on a date.  Seeing the desires change in our heart where we would rather spend the day with our Lao friends than just us, shows that they are becoming rooted in our hearts.  This is great encouragement.  Thank you for all the birthday wishes that were sent Josh's way from across the world!  We can never express enough how much we need and appreciate each one of you!