Wow,Time is Flying!!! / by Joshua P Jacks

Wow, time flies!  I apologize that my weekly updates have been lacking lately.  You will be happy to hear it is because I am so busy as soon as my head hits the pillow, I am out!  Since I last wrote we have had 3 English clubs! 

The first was a combination of baking/football (soccer) tournament.  It was great.  A lot of people here love to bake just don’t get a chance because most people cook over a fire, rather than a stove/oven.  So many came and wrote down the recipe. They loved decorating and taste testing all the cookies we made.  We had 3 ovens and about 25 students baking, decorating, and eating!  The football tournament was great too! I just don’t know much about it except that the winners got a trophy and their picture up in the school’s office!

Then came Valentine’s Day!  You bet it is a big deal here too!  Josh and I skipped an hour of Lao so we could go grab some lunch together.  It was great!  Alone time with Josh (when he isn’t working on his computer for school or projects stateside) are very few and far between.  Our marriage is doing great, because we cherish our time together more so than ever. That is just what we did!  There is a restaurant here that serves water buffalo steak… It is great!  Know it might not sound the best to you folks, but when pork and chicken are the only meat in your diet a beef steak tastes sooooo good!

We also had a Valentine’s party for English club!  Our friend has a restaurant and they let us come and invade!  About 50 – 60 students came and were playing video games, board games, singing karaoke and buying flowers for their loved ones.  It was great.  As usual Noah was played with by many of the students and was ready for a nice long nap afterwards.

This past Saturday, each teacher had their students own English club.  We are trying new things this semester. We played card games, watched a movie, did crafts, played guitar, played video games, and some even enjoyed playing with Noah’s toys! We are trying to find the best way to have more time for building friendships with our students.  We had 15 or so students come to our house. I baked brownies (always a must with Josh, he loves letting Lao people try them.) and a lemon cake. I also made Chicken Taco Chili, Cheesy Potato soup, and of course, Pepsi. We always try to continue the “English” theme and bring some of our own culture for them to experience. Both dishes were a hit! I was even able to send some leftovers with a good couple friend of ours, Piyu and Nang, I blogged about their wedding. They will be moving in August to start another school that we will be opening! I am very excited for them but don’t want them to go. It was a great English club. I love getting a chance to meet all Josh’s students. He falls in love with them so quickly.

We are approaching Mid-terms already!  I cannot believe how fast this semester is going!  If you are interested, we are in need of teachers!  Please contact us if you want more information.  Then you can be over here doing your own blog about the journey you are taking! Think about it!