Pizza, Pizza, Pizza / by Joshua P Jacks

Josh put his students up to the challenge again this semester, if everyone in the class does their homework three times… PIZZA PARTY!  This time it looked a little different.  Instead of 7 Lao girls helping me in the kitchen, it was just me! I knew it was going to probably be like that since no one seemed to jump at the opportunity to come help, although Mai did come and help me for two hours which was great help!  I stretched it out over a time period of a couple of days.  I made the sauce one day and shredded the cheese. It was the day of the party that I spent most my time preparing the toppings and getting the dough all worked out.  About 8 hours of work and 8 pizzas’ later, I had everything timed pretty well.  Josh had decided to have the class come to our house rather than take the pizzas, me, and Noah to Arda and rush to get there right after class finished.  It worked out a lot better.  I did how ever have a moment where I was happy no one was in the kitchen with me.

An hour before they arrived at the house, I started putting in the pizza’s and getting them cooked and set up with little paper stands next to them telling what was on the pizza.  About half way through I was bombarded by flying ants!  I looked like a scared little girl trying to run away from a swarm of bees.  I have no clue why, but recently even flies will get me to jump out of my seat a little when they come buzzing by.  There I was standing in my kitchen minding my own business.  There was this massive amount of flying ants everywhere all of a sudden. They reminded me of May Flies. They would try to fly towards the light and get knocked by the fan, so I was frantically trying to cover the pizzas so there wouldn’t be extra protein. I was really getting freaked out by how many and how fast they got in my kitchen. I finally found their point of entry.  This was the only time I desperately missed closed in screens like in America. They had found an opening in the screen and there were about 20 just crawling up the outside of my screen entering in from that top spot.  I took a good ole can of WD-40 and sprayed the screen, just in time to hear about 15 motorbikes all at once humming into my driveway!

The students kind of looked like those flying ants once the pizza was out, it only took about 20 minutes for my 8 hours of work to all be in 20 different stomachs!  We ended the night with students everywhere and some were doing my dishes!! Some were playing PIT (this was funny, although I told Josh most of his students think three is pronounced tree) and others were playing guitar and video games.  Noah had a great step forward that night; he actually was laughing and playing with our good friend Thieng. Until this point, he really hasn’t ventured far from his parents sight when that many people are in the house. 


It was great time. There were several students that never go to English Club, but they wouldn’t turn down pizza! It was great to get them to our house and break down some walls. 

Might I add, they all love Josh, he would say something and it was like an uproar of laughter every time. I am proud of Josh. He is a great teacher! Please do keep thinking of us as we continue to wish to share about our father with these wonderful teenagers! 

That night we slept well, and not to mention were up early to head to the waterfall for English club.  Another great day spending time with some of our favorite people!