Trust / by Joshua P Jacks

I must admit, it has become quite busy around here.  We are in the home stretch until summer break.  Next week is final exams and then we are off until our 5 week summer program that Josh will be teaching this summer. 

I am very excited to say we will be heading to Thailand for about a week.  During that time, Noah will get his vaccinations updated and Josh and I also will go to the dentist and all the other fun doctors you should see to make sure you are healthy as can be!

I titled this blog trust, and know I will discuss why that title. I have realized that you never know what is going to happen when you are home on any given evening.  Last night particularly was a new experience for me.  I have really had to push myself to let the kids from the neighborhood come in and play.  They all have become very comfortable around my house.  There are good and bad things that come of that.  They always ask to eat noodles and usually if they see any kind of junk food they ask to eat that also.  A new one to add to the list is they now always want to paint.  So just yesterday I had decided I needed to let the kids in.  Noah woke up from his nap and I took him outside to play.  As he was playing 4 of my normal girls came inside the gate and started asking for noodles, to paint, to play on my phone, to play music on my computer…. Etc… With every request my answer was not right now Noah is playing outside. 

After about 20 minutes my neighbor lady came over as she does when we are both home, and picked up Noah.  I thought she was talking to me about how she always sees Josh and I drive by where she sells coffee.  Then she proceeded to take Noah across the street to her house.  I assumed it was a normal 10 minute visit with her just enough time to stuff his belly full of sticky rice and then return home to play with the kids.

So after Noah left the kids knew I had no excuse not to have them come inside, so inside we went and bowls of noodles started to be microwaved.  Shortly after they started eating a few more kids came over and than a few more… until the grand total of 13 kids were sitting all around my kitchen eating noodles.  I didn’t want to have them running crazy through my house, since 6 of them have never been over before, so I decided it was time to let them paint.  Meanwhile, 20 minutes, 25 minutes passed and Noah still had not returned.  So I asked our Father if I could send all the kids home and go get Noah.  He told me, “you take care of my kids, and I will take care of yours.” 

After asking the Father about 10 times and getting the same response, I finally had all 13 kids settled in the kitchen painting and I would look out the window every 2 minutes or so to see when my little man would start walking back over to the house. 

Instead I was shocked to see something a little different…. Let me explain something really quick here. Josh and I as parents have decided that we do not want Noah to ride on motorbikes yet.  It is not that we look down on anyone who does do this, we know that motorbikes are the only means of transportation for a lot of people, we also know culturally that it is VERY NORMAL to see a baby, mom, dad, and possibly 2 other siblings on the same bike.  We had just decided that it wasn’t something Noah would do yet.  Picking up where I left off… I look out the window to see a girl  driving a motorbike, with the neighborhood lady that got Noah and between them I see a white little boy with a green shirt and blue shoes… You guessed it!  My translation was WAY off.  She was telling me she was taking Noah to go to where she sells coffee and then she would bring him back… My heart sank.  Then I remembered the Father telling me about 10 times “you take care of my kids, and I will take care of yours.”  I later told the Father that he didn’t have to have Noah go on a motorbike that I was learning the lesson of trust just fine, when Noah was at her house and I couldn’t see him.  Noah ran back home with a big smile and greeted me with a huge hug and kiss.  So there is my lesson in trust.  Sometimes without even knowing it you are trusting him more than you know!  I told Josh that night and I was still trying to convince the Father he was teaching me trust without motorbikes! Haha.  I hope you all have a great week. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of all the kids in my kitchen, as you can see I was busy learning a lesson and my thoughts were not on getting my camera.  :)