View from my window / by Joshua P Jacks

I should have taken a picture of my view, while I sat there getting a manicure and pedicure in Chaing Mai, Thailand.  It was just two ladies sitting on the porch of the massage place where I got my pampering, a little alley road, a dragon fruit tree, and a restaurant.

I started priding myself in my open mindedness, wow look at me, last year I would not venture to a new place by myself, let alone in a different country.  Then as I sat and looked as foreign men came and went into the restaurant, I started to realize how closed minded I still am.  I noticed while an older gentleman sat and drank a beer.  He was talking to a Thai lady; she was just standing beside his table, maybe his server, not too sure.  Then she sat down and was drinking beer with him.  Then the same thing happen at the next table each time a new older foreign man came in he would strike up conversation and before you know it, there were 5 people laughing and talking. 

Then there were the two older ladies, one of them caught my attention, she was just sitting there with her legs crossed and she would sway her foot back and forth, just like how my mom does it.  They didn’t seem rushed or controlled by their schedules, just enjoying each other’s company. 

Then the person that was doing my mani and pedi was so detailed, he took his time.. He had to have looked at each finger and toe like 100 times and he put about 8 coats of nail polish on each finger and toe. 

Then, there was the dragon fruit tree. There was some fruit starting to grow, but the only thing that resembled the final delicious fruit was the color.It took me awhile to realize it was a dragon fruit tree because it looked nothing like the fruit that I buy at the market. That tree was in the center of my vision the whole 2 hours I was there getting my mani pedi, which by the way was $10! Gotta love the price!

So, as all those thoughts and sights whirl around in my head, I just had to wonder what connection my Father was trying to make with all these things. 

I kept looking at the people speaking at the bar with envy and motivation. Envy because striking up conversations with strangers is a gift, and motivation because I think that interaction is what makes people alive! There is still a fear in me to do that. Talking to strangers. I guess that lesson was well learned when I was little! 

Just think of the greatest man that has ever lived, my Father’s son.  He was always interacting with people.  His life is our example, his life was full.  I crave that interaction, because I think I am learning the priceless value of it. 

I was also reading this book, and it said the following;

“Every once in a while, I need a no-agenda day with nothing to do, but those aren’t the days we’re going to celebrate at the end of our lives.  We won’t even remember those days.  What we’ll remember are the days we had everything to do and with father’s help we did it.  We won’t remember the things that came easy; we’ll remember the things that came hard.  We’ll remember the miracles on the far side of “long and boring”.

The book mentioned that when we talk to the father and wait for big things to pull through, it is the long and boring talks that get us there.

This is already too long.  I came home and no matter how much time that guys spent painting and fixing my nails… I got back to the room and needed to put a blanket on my sleeping son, and few other things.. I messed up two of my nails not even a half hour after walking out of that salon. 

This is what I got from that... I don’t need to be busy doing stuff, I need to be busy interacting with people, and no matter how hard you work on it, interaction with people is messy.  Crazy how my mind works huh!  Funny thing is, the times I remember and miss about my past, always includes something I did or a conversation I had with another person.  I don’t remember the time I finally got all my files organized or the moment my house was just perfectly cleaned. 

I think if you can make a point with the “messiness” of this blog, it would be… let the hard, celebratory things in this life be relationships with people, hurt, broken, angry, and unloved people.  Let your nails get messed up, let your life get messy and hard.  There is always a reason behind actions, I challenge you to be the person that finds out why people are acting the way they are and be the person that came just when they needed someone. (Which you always find out after the fact.)  So keep your agenda flexible and your mind and heart open.

Oh yeah the dragon fruit tree… when discouraged just remember you are going to look completely different at the end of this life.  It is ok to be messy here. The more you grow, fail, win, cry, laugh, love, and mourn the closer you get to looking like you are suppose to!