Mr. Mom / by Joshua P Jacks

First off, I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support for our family during the past week as we have gone through the passing of Tonya’s father. You have really made a difference and have helped to relieve a lot of stress and have given a lot of care/comfort to her.

With Tonya gone this week, I’m going to be writing the blog. It will be pretty light-hearted as I just share a few of the experiences I’ve had while being Mr. Mom. It’s been quite the experience haha. It’s hard not having Tonya here. Noah’s a great kid but Tonya definitely has the mommy thing down and there is so much that she multitasks with all while being a wife, student, friend, and mentor. She’s pretty much awesome at everything :)

After taking Tonya to the airport Noah fell asleep on the bed with the lights on and was out cold for about an hour. I don’t think he wanted to think about mommy leaving.

Since Tonya left Noah has surprised me on two separate occasions while I was brushing my teeth. The first time, he grabbed his wipe box and pulled everything out.

Then, the next day, he emptied his baby powder on the floor.

Also, Tonya usually changes his diaper in the middle of the night. The last two nights I haven’t put his shorts back on top of his diaper when I changed it around 4 am. I was tired and I thought he was hot so I left his shorts off. Well, both mornings I come in to get him and he’s had his diaper off and soaked his bed. He seemed very happy and free but I had to start his day with a bath.

Last night, I took Noah and 4 of his friends to one of our local temples to air him out and let him run around in some grass. The kids had a blast and road in the truck with the windows down and sang to the Lao music playing on the radio.

The temple's novices (basically junior monks) were out cleaning up the grounds and then took a break. The took turns talking to Noah. I was able to speak with one of the guys for a quite a while so it was nice making a new friend at the temple.

After we left the temple, I decided to stop on the way home and get everybody ice-cream.  It was a nice treat for us and it helped me to not feel bad about sending them home once we got home. Noah needed another bath as he was covered in chocolate from the ice-cream and we were all soaking wet from the heat.

Noah and I have survived for the last 5 days but we are looking forward to Tonya getting home in 4 more. We are counting down the days!!!