A Lesson From My Daddy / by Joshua P Jacks

I want to thank you for all the prayers, finances, love, and support given to me throughout the time of my daddy’s passing.  I never thought I would live on the other side of the world, but that is how the Father has me wholly and dependently. I never thought I would fly to America by myself to bury my daddy and take care of all his belongings in one week, but that is how He used each situation to his glory.  He provided for people in need through daddy’s possessions, the Father proved just how well he takes care of his kids. He allowed me to hug my nephew when he was a baby, not to mention my other buddy Jason Cheney!  He overwhelmed me every day with the amount of love my brothers and sisters have for me.  People like Sam, Bobby, Heather, Aisha, Amy, Aladdin, Matt, Nancy, Danika, Becky, Jason, Val, Teresa, John, Vernon, Connie, Mom, Dad (on both sides), and Ben. I know that isn’t all of them but my sister, brother-in-law and I would not have been able to do all we did in such a short time if it weren’t for the help of these dearly loved people. 

I have always wanted to be transparent in this blog.  To a point where people will know that they can do exactly what I do, and probably do it better.  I have learned many things these past couple of years.  It has been so interesting since we said yes to move to this beautiful country.   It truly has been a rollercoaster.  I am not one to say that I am suffering in any way.  I don’t pretend to say my life is difficult.  Just taking a walk around some parts of my town and even yours will help me and yourself realize how unfair life is, and we are on the advantage side of that.   With that said, I have walked through some of the most difficult times in my life these past few years.  As I reflect on certain times and situations, I am humbled and overwhelmed by how He truly works all things to the good of those who love him.  Seeing the difficult times bring fruit of reconciliation, compassion, a hand in the time of need, a family growing closer together.  Hurts healed.  Sins forgiven. Lives made. Miracles happening.  I have the privilege of also caring so deeply with people through difficult things they have gone through, I feel I am going through those same things along side them.  Parents divorcing, health deteriorating, parents and friends passing, love kindled, or even my miracle baby nephew, who was born with a portion of his brain missing, but yet is developing normally. 

I have walked through probably the hardest thing so far in my life thus far, the death of my Daddy.  The loss is painful.  The hope is joyful.  The memories are not enough, but the repercussions of this man’s life are still rippling in the vast ocean that was his heart.  He was a man that made it his life purpose to make people smile. It didn’t matter who you were, you could be his daughter, a gas station attendant, a waitress in a restaurant.  Your happiness was important to him.  As I visited with family and took care of his affairs (my sister and I were his closest kin) the people he touched, the lives he changed, just by being himself, was overwhelming.  I find myself making it a new goal to do that very thing that gave him joy.  It is so crazy how intertwined our lives are with one another. 

So I leave you with a challenge.  I think we could all learn a lesson from my daddy.  Let’s put other people’s happiness in front of our own.  Just imagine what that would look like.  Instead of looking back and seeing all the time we have wasted standing in lines and getting frustrated when things take longer than we thought it should.  We could look back and see our new best friend we met while standing in a walmart line waiting for the person in front of us to get a price check.  Maybe we could even have stories of lives we have changed because instead of complaining we figured out why that waitress was being so rude and scattered brained with our order.  Hurting people hurt people.  So let’s find their hurts and give them joy.  Even if it is a cheesy joke or ends up being an uncomfortable exchange of words because they don’t get your joke.  Daddy showed by the people that came to say goodbye, just how effective and meaningful those small things are.  So thank you Daddy for teaching us all just how important the simple things are.  I miss you so much, but I know I will see you again. Until next time bloggers, let me know if you take the challenge. Tell me how it turns out, the good, bad, and funny! Lives too short not to be the reason someone laughs today!