Visiting the Jacks / by Joshua P Jacks

Ever wonder what happens when you come to visit the Jacks family in Laos?  Well here is a quick list and a lot pictures from Josh’s mom and brother Ben’s visit.


Picked them up airport

Ate Joma for lunch

Went to Police station to get permission for them to stay at our house.


Woke up early to see the Monks walking to get their offerings and walk up to Phousy Mountain

Shopping at the open air market for ingredient to make our pizza for the…

  Pizza party for Josh’s students


Trip to the waterfall that included an elephant sighting en route!

Resort to relax for a night


Senior pictures for Ben


Saun Pow restaurant with native Lao dancing with our good friend, Singkam.


Market shopping

Noah Birthday Party

Lao BBQ with Friends


Walked around downtown

Got a massage

Lunch at Coconut garden

Visited Chinese Shopping Mall

Helped Josh teach English


Studied with our staff.

Breakfast with an old friend (for mom)

Crepe and fruit shakes for Josh, Ben, and I

Lunch at a local restaurant one of our favorites (Art House)

Pool party with Neighborhood kids


MORE Senior pictures with Ben

Lunch at a local restaurant with local food (Atsalin)

Home to play cards and hang out with neighborhood kids

The Gordon boys came over and we had pizza and watched movies and played outside

After mom and Josh stopped teaching the girls had a night out while ben and josh watched the boys


Tried to go to the cave, but a couple of Thai people didn’t like us on their boat

Ate at our good friend David and Gee’s fish pond

Went fishing

Josh and I went on a date while Grandma and Uncle Ben watched Noah


Josh and mom went on a breakfast date

Visited a temple for Noah to play

Rode a boat across the Mekong River

Last restaurant for lunch (Saffron)

Relaxed and packed with a gourmet grilled cheese dinner prepared by Chef Ben!


Dropped them off at the airport. :(

So there you go!  We are taking reservations for the next people that want to come and visit!