A Visit from Friends! / by Joshua P Jacks

Wow, sorry to all my blog readers out there! It has been so long. It has been a crazy month.  I will write another blog concerning my fast and short trip to America, but this blog I wanted to share with you about our time with our friends who came to visit.  I have a hard time calling them friends, because they are family. They were one of the main families that gave us a roof over our head while we were trying to raise money to come to Laos. 

They are brother and sister, Sean and Lauren.  They came for 12 days!  It was so much fun.  They came with us the first time we came to visit Laos about 3 years ago.  During that time we were in the decision process of moving here.  They were a great support along with our friend Shelly.

We were able to experience Lao culture by visiting villages and eating the food.  We went to a few waterfalls, took a couple hikes up some small mountains. We even had water fights with the kids.  They were able to help teach and get together for studies a few times.  It was great to have them here, especially shortly after saying goodbye to my daddy.  I will have Josh post a bunch of pictures we got during their visit.  They were both into photography like Josh was. So I kind of looked weird at times was being the only foreigners standing around watching the other guys as they explored and snapped away.  I did however enjoy watching them having so much fun trying to capture that “once in a lifetime” photo. 

Josh’s mom and brother got into town yesterday, so I will share on their visit later.  But until then, Sok de der! (This means good luck in Lao.)