A Look Ahead / by Joshua P Jacks

Our last semester of teaching has started. After this semester, in January, we will be heading back state side to become ordained and fully appointed! There are many mixed emotions as we start this semester.

The time has gone by so fast. Yet, I am just starting to feel like this is our home and family. I hate to go but I am excited to see friends and family stateside. A fellow laborer in Lao explained this feeling the best. She said “The feelings are polar opposites of each other.”

I will be missing a dear Lao friend’s wedding and the birth of another friend’s baby while stateside. There is also excitement of seeing friends and family and traveling the US. All this as we continue to raise to return to this beautiful place. 

So what does the next year look like for the Jacks family? In the next six months we will be teaching English, visiting with friends, and calling friends stateside. Since we are 12 hours ahead we will have some pretty late nights making phone calls to schedule meetings etc... Then, once we get to the states we will be visiting family and friends and hopefully raise the rest of our support so we could be back in Laos in no more than 1 or 1.5 years!

Some of the places we plan on traveling to will be Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington,  Missouri, Arkansas,  Oregon, and Louisiana. So, if you are in or near these areas and would like to meet up with us, let us know! We would love to make time for you and see how all our loved ones are doing!