Back in Full Swing / by Joshua P Jacks

English classes are well underway!  We even had to turn some students away this semester because we just didn’t have enough teachers! HINT HINT ;)  Josh is teaching from 7-9 almost every night this term.  It is a change from his last term which he taught 5-7. 

I am staying up and talking to friends and setting up services a couple nights a week now, and our schedules are back in full swing!

We had our first English Club at our friend’s hotel last week. We did video games, soccer (aka football), ddr (dance dance revolution), Mario kart, tennis, and even karaoke.  Noah spent this time playing with a fellow lao friend or standing at the door working his charm so different people would take him out to play. He charmed about 6 different people to do just that with his big pouty lip and squinty eyes.

This weekend we took a break from English Club because LP is having their annual boat races.  We were privileged enough to have our friends live right along the Mekong, so we went to those races and the festivities that come with.  Our neighbors even bought a goat to eat for the festivities. Noah made friends with it before the parties started.Tonight we sit and listen to our neighbors party all night about 10 feet from our bedroom window.  Here is to hoping we get some sleep tonight.