Back in the USA / by Joshua P Jacks

Well, we made it back to the states. I can’t believe we have already finished our first term and are back again! We are staying with some good friends of ours in Florida. They are the same friends that we stayed with a few times after our apartment fire. I feel like our time in Laos and the past year and a half was all a dream! I bet that is due a little to jet lag. We had quite an experience getting back to the states. We started off with about 8 duffel bags full of stuff including Noah’s pack n play and the guitar Josh was blessed with, along with a duffel bag and a half full of gifts from Lao for friends and family.We then realized we couldn't afford to have that many or manage to get through the airport with all those duffel bags. There were many happy hotel cleaning ladies that came in to clean our room after we left and found duffel bags full of clothes, toys, books, and shoes! I have truly learned how to not get emotionally attached to stuff. The only thing I brought back of sentimental value was a onesie my daddy bought Noah.

Noah did great on all the flights! He was either sleeping or watching his own little TV the whole trip. Our experience was complete with running through the Bangkok International airport  to make our flight. It was just like all of the movies. Accidently leaving our credit card in the ATM machine, and walking through snow in flip flops and a long sleeve t-shirt just to get diapers and gross hot dogs for dinner in Japan. We also got shrimp nuggets. When we bought them we thought they were chicken nuggets but we couldn’t read Japanese and found out a little too late). It ended with our last flight being delayed.

We are starting to adjust well. Our biggest hurdle hasn’t even been jet lag. Both Josh and I (I am sure Noah has too) on many occasions have fought back tears because we just would rather be in Laos. I have already shared in two different services and I am happy to say I actually made sense at one of them and was WAY too early to both of them due to a jet lagged brain. We are excited for our time back and are booking services, small groups, women’s events, men’s events etc. We are excited about this season in the states before heading back to Laos.  If you would like us to come and share please contact us! We are very interested in sharing in as many places as want us! This country desperately needs attention!  The sooner we raise our budget the sooner we get to go home!

I appreciate everyone who follows us on Facebook and the blog. We would love to spend time with you all. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or facebook!