Last Trip Before Baby (DC) / by Joshua P Jacks

We are quickly approaching baby Asa’s birthday! He is scheduled to come on Monday, October 14th. If he doesn’t come sooner, we will be heading to the hospital around 5am for Tonya’s scheduled C-Section.  Needless to say, things have been pretty crazy over the past couple weeks and we apologize for the absence of our blogs!

I recently returned from a big road trip (12 days) to the Potomac District of our sending organization. This includes fellowships from Maryland, Virginia, DC,  and a few from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It was tough being away from Tonya and Noah this late in her pregnancy, but we have some great friends and family that helped her out. Her mom was even able to come down for a week!

I was able to reconnect with some of our partners and make some great new friends! I even got to go skeet shooting for the first time with one of my all-time best homies, Hunter. Took me a few shots, but then the flying clay discs didn't stand a chance!

I was blown away by the kindness and support that we received. Each leader and fellowship that I met with or shared in was great. They were all so engaged in their communities and as well as the nations. It helps us going overseas knowing that people back home are so Kingdom minded. I’m really excited about our involvement with them and their involvement in Laos!!!

I was even able to grab a couple shots during the sunrise hours of some monuments! This was pre-shutdown of course.

It is extremely important to us to bring awareness to Laos. There are so many lost, broken, hurting and unreached where we serve.  All of the driving, phone calls, meetings, and time away from family can be hard at times. It’s times like these when we need remember the sacrifice made by our Father and many of His children, so that we could know Him.  We appreciate everyone who has prayed, supported, and given for our Father to be reunited with His Lao kids! We love you guys!!!