Whirlwind! / by Joshua P Jacks

You will have to forgive me for taking so long since we have posted. If you keep up with us on Facebook you have gotten a feel for how on the run we have been. It is still hard to believe we left our simple home in Lao and are back into full swing raising money to return!

Since we last talked, I (Tonya) had the opportunity to share five different times with the women of our district about our amazing friends overseas! We have also been to Brownsville, the Youth of Christ Chapel, and Transforming Life were we saw old and new friends. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity, love and support of everyone near and far!

We were able to go spend a few days with Josh's sister and brother in law along with their kids. It was a blast watching the kids play together!

I am now sharing with you from my Mom's couch in front of a Christmas tree getting ready for Christmas in February, since we were in Laos for Christmas! I am beyond excited to be with family! And so honored to be the daughter of my mom and step dad who willingly kept all the Christmas decor up for my family!

Not to mention getting to go to some of our brothers last pep games and spending time with Josh's family!

Like I have said time and time again, I am so overwhelmed and honored to get to live this life that the Father has directed us to!

A look into the future involves us spending some time in Tennessee with good friend on our way back to Florida along with  most of our big trips the first 7 months of this year with all three of us and then Noah and I will probably stay back while Josh does some traveling. Also Josh will be going back to Laos in April for a week to see our good friends get married!

What an exciting and adventurous life we lead! Please think of Noah as he is completely confused with all our transitions and traveling and for protection and strength for us as we travel so much!

We couldn't do this without out all of you, wouldn't want to either!