Still Running! / by Joshua P Jacks

Hey, we are still out here. I must offer my apologies again for it being so long between posts. The good part is, the reason we haven’t been updating is because we are meeting with you in person and spending quality time and making memories with everyone! When I last blogged we were in Ohio. We got to make some amazing memories with friends and family while there. I was able to catch up with some friends from High school that I hadn’t seen for about 14 years! It was great just filling in all the years we have missed together and see where life has brought us. I also got to see a girl I use to take to and from Youth all the time when I was in Ohio, it was a great time.

We then headed to Columbia, Tennessee  where we had fun filled days when we weren’t sick. I think the busyness of it all caught up with the three of us. We pushed through and were able to get some good quality time in with our friends in Columbia and share three different times in Columbia with our Destiny family. As soon as we got back to Pensacola, we were all in rough shape. The month long trip and not resting when we got back to the states finally caught up with all of us.

Then Josh, when he was feeling his worst, shared two times on Sunday. He spent a total of 8 hours on the road. He could have cut that time in half but he is such a great dad and husband, he left us at home in the morning and back tracked just to pick us up so we could rest in the morning.

Last night we had to make a run to the store to try and make sure we have enough dress clothes for our candidate training and interviews. Thanks to a great young couple who sent us some gift cards, we won’t have to repeat the same outfit 7 times!

Tomorrow we are back on the road. We are heading to our orientation in Springfield, MO. There we will have our last interviews and meetings to see if we will be fully appointed to Laos. Wish us luck! We are still all not 100% health  and have about a 12 hour drive ahead of us followed by a pretty busy week.

Thanks for keeping up with us and being patient between blogs! We appreciate everyone and everything you all do!