Josh's Recent Trip to Laos (Part 1) / by Joshua P Jacks

I (Josh) recently had the amazing opportunity to go back to Laos for our dear friends Keo and Thiengs wedding. This was also a great opportunity to see Singkham. He took a bus from his hometown into Luang Prabang for the wedding!  I’m so thankful for a very special person making it possible for me to go!

I flew from Pensacola and had stops in Seoul, South Korea and Bangkok, Thailand before finally reaching Laos. The Korea layover allowed me to even check out a few tourist areas.  I couldn’t believe how big this city was. Absolutely amazing. I got to see some very interesting places that give you a look into both the past and the future at the same time. Seoul is one of my new favorite cities!

It has been great spending the past few months in the US. We’ve been able to catch up with loved ones, enjoy traditions from our home culture, and share our hearts for Laos with many great communities. The transition has been pretty smooth even though we have been incredibly busy. With all that being said, the moment I stepped off of the plane in Laos everything changed! I felt like I was home. As soon as I saw the mountains, the people, and felt the heat my heart started jumping. I immediately became so happy I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face. It was a great feeling knowing how tightly Laos still had my heart after being away for a few months.

The week started off with me surprising some of my old students during Rahul’s class. He let me sit in during his class and participate. It was great being back in my old classroom. Afterwards, Thieng and I visited our friend Zhang at his restaurant and watched him perform with his band. He’s got some skillz!

The second night was spent going out for Lao BBQ with some close friends. Alek, Thieng, Keo, Phengsy and Noy came. It was my favorite meal in Laos. What a great way to catch up as we spent time around the table sharing food and stories!

I wanted to have plenty of pictures so this is where we end part 1! Stay tuned for the rest of the trip!