Josh's Recent Trip to Laos (Part 2) / by Joshua P Jacks

The trip continued with me getting to spend some time with my Korean friends Kwangsoo (David) and Jinho. They were great students at ARDA! Also spotted some monks freshening up a local temple complex for Lao New Year.

The wedding day started with a boat ride across the river to Keo's village.

The main ceremony took place in Keo's house. It was great seeing so many people there to support this amazing couple!

The ceremony included a traditional Lao Blessing ceremony. It was an honor to be able to pray for our dear friends as they begin their life together. God is going to do great things through them.

After the wedding we had one more night with friends. Bowling in Luang Prabang! We followed it up with a walk through the night market.

I had to get a few final pictures with my best friends in Laos. I miss these guys so much. I can't wait to return home to Laos in 2014. Please continue to pray that God would be with our dear friends!