A Different Kind of Busy / by Joshua P Jacks

Our lives have been different lately. That seems to be the pattern! The word normal probably just describes our past or future. Life has changed so much that it’s kinda hard to figure out!

We have traveled well over 10,000 miles and spent nearly 150 hours in our mini van since the beginning of February. We have traveled as far North, South, and East as our friends and family have taken us. We are slowly filling up our fall and winter calendar, all while squeezing in the birth of our second child!

I have enjoyed the conversation, love, support, quality time, and adventures we have been able to have while here in the states. but I do miss our Lao version busy! I miss taking 80 English Students in the back of 3 trucks to the waterfall. I miss eating sticky rice and grilled fish. I miss having my house being taken over by mischievous grade school kids, who are always asking for a snack and something to drink. I miss the simple kind of busy life in Laos.

We are a different kind of busy. I do really enjoy the traveling and stuff but I am excited that it is only a year and a half that makes up the iteration part of our journey.

On a side note, thoughts are appreciated for my family. We have noticed how difficult the task has come for making time to spend with Father. As we are in a different house almost every week and surrounded by loved ones, it seems the first relationship to be neglected is the most important. He has nudged me several times in the past few weeks of certain attitudes and weakness that get the better part of me. This would not be the case  if I just made time with Him, allowing His joy to be my strength.

So, no matter what kind of busy your life is, remember what relationship should be first and He will make that busy an enjoyment!

Until next time!