3 Weeks of Inspiration / by Joshua P Jacks

We’ve finally arrived back in Pensacola! We’ve just returned from a two-month road trip! This blog will just cover the three-week training that we had with our organization.We were surrounded by people that have chosen a similar career to ours. It was full of training and relationship building!

We have had the opportunity to hear a little from each one about why they are going where they are going and what they will be doing. It is great and encouraging to be around so many people that are like minded!  We have sat in some sessions talking about how to properly clean water and keep ants out of your food, all the way to how to connect and help the local people of the area we will be going to. There have been great opportunities to connect and make life-long friendships! We have been able to spend some quality time with a few families that we have grown to love over this short period of time. They will be going to an island in the Pacific where it hasn’t been very long since they made the practice of cannibalism illegal! It has been amazing to get to know their 4 kids and hear their hearts. They are also very like-minded when it comes to our sense of humor, which is a great added bonus as we spend our time with them. All in all, the whole family is growing, learning, and laughing!

Noah had a blast! We cannot say enough about how great this program is! Every day he was loaded up into a big yellow school bus and taken on an adventure! He went to the zoo, safari, gymnastics, and many more places! He has grown so much, I randomly hear him singing songs that they have been singing with the kids, and encouraging himself with a hearty “good job” when he accomplishes something he is trying to do! He has made friends and smiles from ear to ear when he sees them! He also has tried so many new foods. You wouldn’t know this was the same Noah we brought back from Laos!

The training ended with a commissioning service. This was like a formal “sending”. We received so much encouragement. There are so many people around the world that desperately need help. We left empowered, inspired, and encouraged to give our lives so that others might live.

We are encouraged and becoming more ready every day to place our feet back on Lao soil! We want to thank everyone for being on our team. The Father has given us such an incredible family of believers.  We are very excited for what the future holds for The Jacks’ Journeys!