He Cares / by Joshua P Jacks

This month has been filled with so many things! I don’t know how my Father keeps it all in together! He puts into action at the exact right time in multiple places all at once! These past few weeks we have spent with some amazing and great people! People whom we believe in and they believe in us! The stories they have shared and struggles they have gone through have been amazing to hear as my Father has come through every time! All at the same time there seems to be a lot going on right now that is a little overwhelming to me.

A dear friend is working through the insurance and red tape of cancer treatment.

Another dear friend was miraculously taken to Thailand to get the proper medical treatment to save her life.

Another friend is going through recovery from surgery.

A friend and his family found out his wife has cancer.

3 of my friends are still trying to get “back to normal” after losing people in their lives whom they love dearly.

Another family friends are recovering from a flood that destroyed almost everything they own.

There are things going into play to possibly have my mom come visit.

People are everywhere not only really learning what it means to be unreached but responding to the obligation the Father has put on us to change the statistics.

A friend received good news that his daughter’s cancer is no longer there.

Many of our friends are preparing for amazing youth events to kick off returning to school

A young family who are friends with us are settling into their new home and new adventures.

One family is waiting the arrival of their baby girl.

Our friends just had their baby girl today!

Many others are pregnant or just bringing new babies home to add or start their little families.

Our brother is in Basic training

My niece is settling into her college dorm

My nephew is starting a new school

I am so enriched by all the many people that we are involved in their lives and they are involved in ours! I am excited that we keep getting to add such amazing people to our family!

I am however overwhelmed with happiness and burdens to help carry the load of those that are mourning or sad today. There is a split in my soul as I think of each of my brothers and sisters. It brings me back to one thought everytime. I am so thankful to have a Father who doesn’t get overwhelmed and cares for every detail. Even this morning as we wake up in the hotel and Josh went to a meeting, I turn on the TV only to find Noah’s favorite episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I am sorry but I know my Father and I know He did that just for my boy!

Remind yourself today no matter how you think things are going, that He is in every detail! As long as we let him, He will direct our paths!