Tonya's 2014 Goals -- Goal #2 (A Healthy Lifestyle) / by Joshua P Jacks

This blog will continue my journey of cultivating yearlong motivation. A noticeably healthier lifestyle is another goal of mine! I know that my physical health is directly tied to so many areas of my life. I also know that a healthy lifestyle will make a long term impact on everything that I do. I want to run and finish my race well!

Weight loss is normally my motivation and new years resolution. This one is on the top of the list and normally I dream about just going at it full force, with change in diet and exercise, but let’s be realistic. For me, I can't go from little exercise and no restraints on eating to becoming a drill sergeant. I enjoy eating too much and I don’t enjoy exercising enough. This would be setting myself up for failure.

My solution is as follows:

With exercise, I am just slowly getting into a routine. I have to do it day by day. Some days, I have the time and help to do an hour workout. Other days, a 15-minute walk is all I can get in. So, everyday, my goal is some type of exercise.

When it comes to eating, I realize it’s important to know what the food does to my body, and that will make me think twice about what I eat. In response to this, I’ve started reading the book “Trim Healthy Mama”. I am in the 6th chapter and I read the first 5 just yesterday! I allowed my house to stay messy and used the excuse of recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction to just sit and read. I am enjoying the book and looking forward to trying some of the recipes! I’ve heard it’s had great success. You should check it out!

Hope this motivates you to keep going on the things you want to change! Just little at a time! The end of our year is gonna look great!