Missing Laos: Singkham / by Joshua P Jacks


Many of you have already heard his story, but we couldn’t do a Missing Laos without Singkham! It’s crazy how certain people gravitate towards each other and become friends. I know my Big Dad has quite a bit to do with this. He’s put people in my life that have added so much joy, insight, and adventure to my world. Singkham has been one of those people.

He was one of my English students early on that just stuck with us! His class in particular (2nd Term Elementary B) will always be close to my heart! A core group of friends emerged and I’m sure you’ll hear more about them before too long. Singkham, Thieng (see his post here), and I’s adventures started just before my birthday in 2012 and we’ve been the three musketeers or stooges ever since! 

Singkham is an incredibly hard worker, great student, and even nicer guy. He’s worked very hard to make a better life for himself and his village. He knows English, Korean, Lao, Khmu and probably a few other languages! 

One of my most treasured memories from our first few years in Laos is that of Singkham, Thieng and I’s trip to his village. I was able to visit the city where he began his English studies, meet his relatives, and even have our truck break down just outside the city limits.

When we finally made it to his village, the leaders threw a party at his house and even blessed me! I in turn, was able to bless them as well. It was an incredible time. Those few days with my homies in northwestern Laos will be cherished for a long time.


Singkham was an Uncle to Noah, spent Christmas with us and still skypes with me from time to time. He’s very busy but doing well. He is one of the biggest reasons we are working so hard to get back to SE Asia. In just two months I’ll be able to go on photo expeditions around the city, practice Lao/English, eat an American breakfast, prank, and have all sorts of other adventures with our friend, our brother, Singkham, but until then, we are definitely MISSING LAOS!