Almost There / by Joshua P Jacks


Have you ever missed the mark? Ever try and it wasn’t good enough?

One of my favorite books is full people who, with their best, tried to please the Father. Tried to obey, tried to fulfill His work, and almost did it but missed it.

Sometimes I suffer from unreachable expectations. Frustration and disappointment with myself follow when I don’t reach my goal. It can sometimes be hard to shake. With the grace of the Father I will not pass that on to my boys. My husband, unfortunately, has already suffered from my response to “not making it”.

I went for a run the other day. My goal was jog the whole time, never stop! I made it about 2/3 of the way when my sweet boy whom I was pushing in the stroller insisted that I answer his question. I couldn’t breathe and talk at the same time (it has been awhile). So, I had to stop to answer his silly question. I almost made my goal, but not quite. I finished my distance goal, just not my time. This wasn’t enough for me.

I tend to look at the end and never fully appreciate the means of getting there. Even when I finish, something nags me, I almost finished perfect; I just didn’t try hard enough.

What a miserable place to live!

This jogging “almost” has lead me to realize I need to look at them differently. I’ve had a lot and will continue to have them.

“I almost wrote the blog the way I wanted”

“I almost stuck to my diet”

“I almost finished the project on time”

“I almost got the house cleaned”

“I almost didn’t yell at the kids today”

“I almost didn’t eat chocolate (lets face it this never happens).”

“I almost prayed as much as I should”

“I almost finished my devotion”

“I almost was patient enough”

Lets just face it, if we don’t change our perspective on our “almost” of this life, we’ll never be able to accomplish great things for the Father. Our “almosts” are stepping-stones. They show progress!

I have my most “almost” moments when it comes to my relationships, mainly, with my Father, husband, and boys. If I am not careful on how I respond to my “almost” moments, I will steal the joy and lessons to be learned in the process.

Maybe, just maybe, our "almost" moments aren’t always about us! I didn’t jog the whole distance, but my son knew his question was important enough to mommy for her to stop. Peter was restored and used mightily. Jonah didn’t get the results he wanted, but because of his hesitant obedience, much mercy was shown and the Father was proven to be good!

We are going to “almost moments” big and small. We just need to know that our almost is enough.!

This process of life that we sometimes kick and crawl through, sometimes skip and jump through, and sometimes are carried through, is enough. Your "almost" is enough today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your journey. It’s only when your "almost" becomes your "never again" that it becomes a problem.

Be encouraged today. Your “ALMOSTS” are getting you THERE!