Missing Laos: Atsalin Restaurant (Fried Rice) / by Joshua P Jacks

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Do you have a go-to place when you need a quick cheap meal? Maybe you are having people over and need some grub in a hurry. Maybe you don’t have time to cook and need something easy and edible. What if you’ve got a group of friends, students, or family coming over for for the big game? In the states you’d probably just order a stack of “Hot n Ready" pizzas or a few bags of burgers. Not in Laos! We hit up Atsalin Fried Rice Shop!!!


The video above wasn't shot by us, but might give you a quick look at the shop. It's the only one we could find on youtube :)

We had our first meal in Laos at Atsalin. We left the airport and headed to down to the shop. I’ll never forget that hot, humid first day, cooled off by a cold “Manao” and a plate of fried rice. From that point on, as silly as it sounds, the shop, owners, and food held a special place in our hearts! Whether we needed some food on the way home from school, or 20 boxes of fried rice for an English get together at our house, the $1.25 box of deliciousness always hit the spot. 

In just a few short months, we will be back eating Atsalin fried rice with friends, but until then, we are MISSING LAOS!