MOAR MOVING!!! / by Joshua P Jacks


If there is any word that could describe our life right now, it would be MOVEMENT. We have constantly been on the go. If you’ve read our last post, “Road Trip”, you remember our 5 week, 22 city, summer journey. We’ve been busy raising awareness and support for the work in Laos. 

Through a crazy turn of events, opened doors, closed doors, and new friendships, we’ve decided to move to Gainesville, FL. We will just be here for the remaining few months before we MOVE again to Laos!!!  As soon as we returned from the road trip we started packing the house. This will be our third home in the past year and a half. Please pray for the family as we go from transition to transition! We will definitely miss all of our West Florida/Pensacola friends, but we’ll actually be in and out multiple times over the next few months. This move also gets us closer to our friends in GA and South Fl. 

If this is the first you’ve heard of our move, we’re sorry. Our lives have been incredibly crazy over the last two months. Just know that we love you all and are hoping to see many of you over the next few months. Our hearts are longing to return to Laos. Although it’s been tough, we know it’s the right path for this time and we are one step closer to returning to our people in Southeast Asia!!!